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Lipumba vows to strengthen agriculture, improve markets

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CUF Union Presidential Candidate, Prof. Ibrahim Lipumba, articulating the party's Vision for Change during a meeting with the Editors' Forum held at the CUF headquarters in Dar es Salaam.

Saturday, 25 September 2010 22:45

By Frank Kimboy


The Civic United Front (CUF) presidential hopeful Prof Ibrahim Lipumba will strengthen markets for agricultural produce and train more experts as a way to improve agriculture in the country, if he will be elected to form a new government.

Prof Lipumba said that the agricultural sector under the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) regime has stalled because the government has failed to tackle major challenges that face the sector, which is depended by the majority of wananchi.

He mentioned other challenges that hinder agricultural sector apart from lack of market and experts as lack of modern farming technology, farming equipment and poor infrastructure.

“We will make sure that farmers are imparted with modern skills by experts who will be supervising the activities throughout the country.

He said although farmers in some parts of the country produce a lot of crops, they have been hindered by lack of local market.

He said that if he will be elected into the country’s top office, he would make sure that enough funds will be set to purchase agricultural products.

Mr Lipumba made the promise on Friday evening at Maramba in Mkinga District during his second day of campaigns in Tanga Region.

He accused the current government for changing names of development projects, describing them as’ putting an old wine in a new bottle’.

“We had the Iringa Declaration and then agriculture was declared the countries backbone something that did not bear any fruit before Kilimo Kwanza  was introduced…you should elect CUF if you want to benefit from your work,” Prof Lipumba said.

Prof Lipumba who was campaigning for Mkinga constituency Member of Parliament candidate Mr Kassim Mbega and twelve councillor seat candidates promised wananchi that if elected they will ensure that construction of the district headquarters will be completed within a short period of time.  

Currently, the district headquarters is located in Tanga District.


Source: The Citizen


Seif promises to liberalise clove trade

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CUF's Zanzibar presidential candidate, Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad, addresses a campaign rally at Mpendae, in Zanzibar Town. (Photo: Courtesy of Fidelis Felix of Mwananchi/The Citizen)


Monday, 20 September 2010 09:19

by Mkinga Mkinga, Pemba


The Civic United Front (CUF) presidential candidate in Zanzibar, Mr Seif Shariff Hamad, has promised to liberalise the clove market if he is elected.

Speaking to thousands of people at Tibirinzi grounds in Chakechake, Pemba, Mr Hamad said the first decree that he woule sign after being sworn in would be to allow each farmer to sale his cloves where he likes.

He said he would review the functions of the Zanzibar State Trading Corporation (ZSTC) and establish a one-stop centre that would end bureaucracy in the clove trade.

Mr Hamad said according to research Zanzibar loses a lot of investors just because of the bureaucracy. He said it takes up to six months for an investor to have all documents signed and granted licences for doing business. He said this is different from other developing countries which have simplified processes to register new investors.

“One stop centre will enable investors to complete all processes within short time and setting their investment for Zanzibar development. Investors currently are delayed because there are many institutions dealing with licensing and registering them,” he said.

Mr Hamad, who was addressing a first campaign in his native Pemba island believed to the CUF stronghold, said he was also going to capitalise on the recent political reconciliation to turn Zanzibar economy.

He told the rally that even investors have been pleased with recent developments in the country and they have shown their readiness to invest as there will be no more political turmoil in the Isles.

He said his government would also focus on reducing government expenditure, an option which will ultimately see the government saving a lot of money.

Specifically, he said, he will put more controls on procurement and tendering process, where most of the government officials have been benefiting.

“I’m irked by how we lose a lot of money in two areas of tendering and procurement. I warn those who have been benefiting from these two areas to find other occupations as I will not tolerate them in my government,” Mr Hamad said.

He also insisted on improving the Zanzibar port by making sure it becomes a free port which would attract more shipping lines. He said there are surveys going on to see if Mkumbuu natural harbour can be developed.

“Establishing a free port will not be a new thing as ten years ago Zanzibar was a free port and we were collecting then Sh7 billion every month compared to now where the collection has gone down to Sh800 million a month,” Mr Hamad noted.

Mr Hamad pledged to easy transport between Pemba and Unguja islands through fast ferries as there were many people who wanted to invest in the area.

He said if the small port will be established in Mkokotoni in Unguja and Mkoani in Pemba it will enable farmers to sell their products.

“Now people have no reliable markets due to lack of reliable transport between the islands,” he said.

The new government under CUIF would also establish a system that would enable common wananchi to directly post their queries to the government which will be answered promptly.

He said such system would create an opportunity for people to put make the government which they have put in power responsible and accountable to them.

Before the political rally, Mr Hamad received a red carpet welcome by thousands of people who turned at the Karume Airport in Pemba and conducted a peaceful demonstration to Tibirinzi grounds.


Source: The Citizen


Seif: Why only I should lead Zanzibar

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CUF's Zanzibar presidential candidate, Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad, addresses his first campaign rally at Democracy Grounds in Zanzibar on 16 September, 2010. (Photo: Courtesy of Martin Kabemba)

Friday, 17 September 2010 09:19

by Mkinga Mkinga, Zanzibar


The Civic United Front (CUF) yesterday launched their presidential campaigns with the contender saying that if elected, he would ensure he takes advantage of the recent CUF-CCM compromise to facilitate faster progress for Zanzibar.

“Do elect me your president and when you do, I will proceed to capitalise on CCM-CUF compromise spearheaded by President Karume and I to expedite development,” said the CUF presidential candidate for Zanzibar presidency, Mr Seif Sharif Hamad.

The reconciliation became possible following a surprise invitation to Zanzibar State House in November last year, of the CUF secretary general, Mr Hamad, by President Amani Abeid Karume

The campaigns launch at Demokrasia grounds was preceded by a demonstration from the town centre, led by Mr Hamad, who, upon reaching the rally venue, released three doves to signify peace.

The candidate told thousands of chanting supporters that the recent political developments in Zanzibar should be used to ushers in a new dawn for the Isles.

“It is now time to unite after years of disunity; if we join efforts, I am confident we’ll prosper and be an example to other African country,” Mr Hamad said.

He said what Zanzibar needed was a president who would adhere to the agreement reached by  Mr Karume and him.

Mr Hamad, who spoke for about two hours, pledged to boost the economy.

He said within 100 days of his presidency, he would make sure that land problems are solved, and a new system would be put in place to end land grabbing.

He said his government would see to it that investors sign agreements with landowners, a process that would enable  wananchi become partners to economic ventures in the Isles.

“We shall evaluate the type and cost of investment to establish what percentage a landlord should be entitled,” Mr Hamad said.

On education, he said his government would ensure it is improved and computer studies are introduced from primary school level.

He said more teachers would be recruited to reduce the teacher-student ratio.

“We have a good example of Rwanda, which has managed to supply laptops to all the pupils. All these issues can be accomplished by involving international agencies,” he said.

Explaining on how to attain quality education, he his government would make sure that number of students per class is limited to 35.

He conceded that President Karume has done a lot in improving the education sector. “I will continue from where he reached,” he promised.

The CUF candidate also promised to review salaries and benefits of civil servants, so that pay reflects the cost of living.

Speaking earlier, CUF deputy national chairman, Mr Machamo Hamis Ali, hailed the move by Mr Hamad and Presisdent Karume, to meet and agree to forgo their differences for the interest of Zanzibaris.

“We have every reason to hail both leaders, Maalim Seif and President Karume, for their commitment to bring about a news dawn for Zanzibar… it is now evident that power sharing is the ideal solution for ending Zanzibar problems,” he said.


Source: The Citizen


We will paint Geita golden, declares Juma Duni Haji

In Politics on September 6, 2010 at 10:53 pm

CUF Union presidential running mate, Prof. Ibrahim Lipumba, seen here accompanied by his running mate, Juma Duni Haji, and their Assistant Campaign Manager who is also the CUF Director of Political Affairs, Mbarala Maharagande, on the day they launched the CUF election manifesto in Dar es Salaam, on 26 August. (Photo: Courtesy of Edwin Mjwahuzi from Mwananchi/The Citizen).


5th September 2010

The Civic United Front (CUF) will not disturb mine investors but will review their contracts to make sure that the towns where the minerals were mined reflected the riches they have.

The CUF’s presidential running mate, Mr Juma Duni Haji told a political rally in Geita that it was a shame to see a poor Geita District and its people while millions worth of minerals were exported daily from the area.

“I have been to mineral cities such as Johannesburg and San Francisco. There, everything is gold from street lights to buildings. We want Geita to also look gilded. This can be done if we will put in place clauses in the contracts that will force investors to make our mineral towns reflect the riches,” he said.

“This town was supposed to be very rich, when I came to this town for the first time I could not believe that its roads are full of dust, its people poor and ignorant due to lack of education and economic opportunities,” he said.

Mr Haji noted that mineral resources in the area had turned into an oppressive tool where the indigenous citizens were downgraded in favour of investors. He was referring to over 80 families displaced over four years ago from their homes by the investor – Geita Gold Mine (GGM) and were at the time living in a tented camp at Kalangalala Ward in Geita town.

Mr Haji toured the camp, listening to the victims of displacement who complained that they were forcefully evicted from their traditional plots despite the fact that they had won a High Court’s appeal, which allowed them to remain where they were. Mr Haji said, he saw no reason whatsoever for the government to disown the families even if they were criminals.

“I am sure that these people need not much money to settle in their new home. It pains to see the anguish they are going through while the investors are reaping a whooping sums of money from the area where the people were forcefully removed,” he said.

Mr Haji used the opportunity to campaign for CUF, telling them to vote for the party because they would not allow such acts to take place under their leadership.

“Today it is your fellow villager but you never know what the government is capable of doing if they will discover tomorrow that your village is also rich in mineral resources,” he warned.

In another development, CUF has promised to control importation and manufacture of illegal fishing nets to avoid unnecessary disturbances to anglers if elected in the October’s general election.

Mr Juma Duni Haji told a rally at Chikobe Village, Nyachiruruma Ward in Busanda Constituency on Saturday evening that by so doing their government would ensure a peaceful working environment under the party’s leadership.

“If there are things that disturb us (CUF), then the most is to see poor anglers being disturbed by fishermen using illegal fishing nets whereas the factories that manufacture these nets are known. “The government also knows where these nets come from, so we will control the source,” he said.

Mr Duni noted that the CUF’s government would also make sure that the lives of the families surrounding Lake Victoria reflected the riches in the lake and their children were given education opportunities to confidently face the world.

He inquired from the crowd gathering at the village’s market place over their level of education, and the crowd replied that they were standard seven leavers, and some of them did not even finish primary education.

“It is very astonishing because you are the mothers and fathers of today’s children, if you were not educated it is likely that you will not take your children to school either.

“But we have come with good news this time around as we intend to give education freely to your children at all levels of education,” he said.

In another development, Mr Haji also promised that his party’s government would ensure that the constituency had electricity and all the roads were upgraded to tarmac levels as well as improving other social services such as water and health.

Mr Haji said this in another campaign rally held at Nyarugusu Ward also in Busanda Constituency where the major economic activity is gold mining.

“If you will vote us into power we will turn Nyarugusu into a real gold town where the problems of electricity, water and poor roads will be history,” he said.


Source: Daily News


No helicopters for CUF campaigns

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CUF: “We don’t need to fly because we will not be in hurry, we will for the first time conduct what we have christened ‘ground force movement’ that will involve concentration in educating voters on why they should vote for us and not any other party.” (Photo: Courtesy of Edwin Mjwahuzi of the The Citizen/Mwananchi)


24th August 2010

THE Civic United Front (CUF) said that it will not use helicopters like other parties during the campaigns for the general election in October, but will use a strategy called ‘Ground Force Movement’ that will involve cars to canvas the whole country as a way to reach the electorate.

The Party’s Director for Political Affairs, Mr Mbarala Maharagande, told reporters in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday that their campaigns will focus on the remotest areas where only cars can penetrate.

Political parties which said they would use helicopters to campaign around the country include Chama cha Demokarasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA), Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) and Tanzania Labour Party (TLP).  

“We don’t need to fly because we will not be in hurry, we will for the first time conduct what we have christened ‘ground force movement’ that will involve concentration in educating voters on why they should vote for us and not any other party,” he said.

Mr Maharagande noted that the party has purchased several brand new vehicles ready for ground campaigning all over the country and that this year’s style will differ from that of 1995, 2000 and 2005.

In another development, Mr Maharagande said that the party will launch its nationwide campaigns at Kidongo Chekundu Grounds in Dar es Salaam on Friday where the party’s Presidential Candidate, Prof Ibrahim Lipumba, his running mate Duni Haji and the Isles Presidential Candidate, Seif Sharrif Hamad will address the party members.

Earlier, the party was scheduled to launch its campaigns on Saturday, the day in which another opposition party, Chadema, will be launching at Jangwani grounds, also in Dar es Salaam. The day was changed following the request by CUF to the National Electoral Commission (NEC).

Mr Maharagande noted that the campaign launching will come a day after  Thursday’s launch of the party’s manifesto which will clearly explain what he referred to as the ‘vision for change’.

Meanwhile, the CUF Deputy Director for Publicity and Public Relations, Ms Ashura Mustafa, introduced to reporters three CCM cadres who have defected to CUF and who will contest for parliamentary seats in Kigoma North and South constituencies.

They include, the former CCM special seats MP for Kigoma North, Ms Sijapata Fadhili Nkayamba, Mr Omari Nkwarulo who will vie for the parliamentary seat in Kigoma North and Optatus Likwelile who will vie for the Kigoma South seat.

Mr Likwelile who was defeated in the CCM primaries said that there was foul play and that all the contestants appealed against the winner but in vain.

“I have defected to CUF to fight for my right,” he said.

Mr Nkwarulo noted that in the CCM primaries he came out second but the results were cooked and therefore he decided to defect to CUF because of his confidence that there were many people backing him.


SOURCE: Daily News

Young leaders attribute US achievements to patriotism

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Mr Masoud Salim Mohamed, the Chairman of Zanzibar Youth Network, one of the three Tanzanian young leaders, who represented the country’s youth to US under President Barack Obama’s Forum for Young African Leaders pose for a photo at the State Department (Photo: Courtesy of Masoud Salim Mohamed)

Wednesday, 18 August 2010 09:05

By Florence Mugarula

TANZANIANS have a chance of inspiring their fellow Africans to work in harmony and bring about political and social-economic development in the countries, Tanzanian young leaders have observed.

A delegation of three Tanzanian youths to United States, Mr Masoud Mohamed, Ms Malula Nkanyemka and Ms Lilian Mahiga, said Americans believed Tanzania was strong enough to encourage other nations to forge development in their countries.

The trio was among other young leaders from across Africa, who recently visited the US under the auspices of President Barrack Obama’s Forum for Young African Leaders.

Ms Mahiga, said one of the lessons she learnt from President Obama during the mission was that the development of Tanzania and the continent at large was in the hands of wananchi themselves.

Ms Mahiga, who is the Professional Approach Limited, Inc, managing director, said another lesson she and others learnt during the tour was that patriotism and hardworking were the main US development pillars.

She said Africans, Tanzanians included, should emulate the people of America for their countries’ and own integrity and prosperity.

“It’s high time African youth united to bring about constructive changes required on the continent. No other person will forge development on their behalf,” Ms Mahiga stressed.

Mr Mohamed, the chairman of Zanzibar Youth Network, was optimistic that the forum was important for Tanzania’s future, as it enabled him to exchange notes with dynamic young leaders from all over Africa.

“Being today’s and future leaders, we should participate in all programmes to expedite our country’s development,” Mr Mohamed said.

He said the forum had inspired him to become ready, passionate and courageous enough to take part in different political and socio-economic issues pertaining to his country and Africa.

“The forum was all about thinking about the future of my continent. I have successfully understood how to share ideas for relieving Africa of abject poverty. I believe my dream is similar to my fellow citizens’ ambitions,” he said.

Another young leader, Ms Malula Nkademka, who serves as a project development advisor in Mwanza Region, said she obtained a strong network and know-how on finding lasting solutions for socio-economic problems inflicting on communities.

“I have already started proposing some projects for the development of the country as a result of  the entrepreneurial and other development programmes I participated in US,” Ms Nkademka said.

She said her projects in the offing would concentrate on advocacy for gender balance and women’s rights with a view of bringing about constructive changes to both genders.

The USA ambassador to Tanzania, Mr Alfonso Lenhardt, said while welcoming the young leaders’ delegation from the US tour that he expected the youth benefited from the forum.

The envoy said the forum came at the right time when Tanzanians were banking on youth to bring about the much-awaited tangible development.

“There are many brilliant young Tanzanians, who could have gone to US, but the trio has represented others. We, therefore, expect them to tell us what exactly they want to do for their country,” ambassador Lenhardt said.

Source: The Citizen


Chadema leaders in Tarime move to CUF

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The immediate former MP for Tarime, Charles Mwera is welcomed by the CUF Union Presidential Candidate running mate, Juma Duni Haji, soon after announcing his defection to CUF from Chadema (Photo: Courtesy of


By DAILY NEWS Reporter

13th August 2010


Political wind has hit hard Chadema in Tarime District, Mara Region where hundreds of its members returned their membership cards in protest of what has been described as prejudice. 

Speaking on behalf of others, the former Chadema District Secretary, Mr Joseph Anthony said the party supporters decided to join the Civic United Front  (CUF)  as the best way to express their grievances.  

“We (former Chadema members) are terribly disappointed by the higher party authorities that have decided to nominate wrong candidates for parliamentary and councillorship seats. We are not ready to work with leaders imposed on us,” Joseph explained.  

Other party leaders in the district who defected to CUF include the party’s district chairman, Mr Stephen Gesengewa (Sanifu), personal secretary to the former legislator, Mr Charles Mwera, the district youth chairman, Mr Jumanne  Mroni, the youth commander, Waiboga Waryoba and others.  

The fact that the former legislator for Tarime Mr Charles Mwera was not nominated in the party’s preferential votes, was also expected to join the CUF and vie for the seat through CUF.  

According to CUF district secretary, Ms Theresia Mkami and the party’s district chairman, Mr Charles Nyamuriba, more than 200 former Chadema members joined CUF.  She said for the last three weeks CUF had received nearly 600 new party members from other parties in the area.  

“Any moment from now we expect to receive Mr Charles Mwera, the former legislator on the ticket of Chadema,” Theresia revealed.


Source: Daily News


Strong Union CUF’s top priority – Hamad

In Politics on August 17, 2010 at 10:42 pm

Jubilant CUF supporters escorting the party's Zanzibar presidential candidate, Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad, to a press conference after collecting nomination forms from the Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC) headquarters in Zanzibar Town on August 16, 2010 (Photo: Courtesy of Emmanuel Herman of Mwananchi/The Citizen)


by The Guardian Reporter

The Civic United Front (CUF) Zanzibar presidential aspirant, Seif Shariff Hamad yesterday collected nomination forms and declared that strengthening the Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar will be his top priority if he wins.

Speaking after picking up the nomination forms at the Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC) offices at Malindi, Hamad, who is CUF Secretary General, pledged to honour the political reconciliation between him and the Isles President Amani Abeid Karume so as to build true unity among Zanzibaris and maintain the prevailing peace.

He also committed himself to continue with the ongoing dialogue towards a permanent solution to contentious issues.

Hamad said that the government of national unity would create a strong economy based on the free market system which would seek to make Zanzibar East Africa’s commercial hub.

He vowed to strengthen discipline in public service, especially among top executives to ensure that people get good services from their government.

This, he said, would be achieved through ensuring strict adherence to laid down labour regulations, training and improved remunerations.

“If elected, we will also give priority to provision of social services, particularly education, health and water,” he said adding that fishing, agriculture and industries – all key to the Zanzibar economy – would also be strengthened.

Hamad said under his leadership, the current endemic shortage of water and medicines at health centres and hospitals would become history.

“I will make sure that we establish Zanzibar Airways so as to connect the Isles with other important economic and commercial areas across the globe,” said Hamad.

Hamad said teachers should expect major changes since education sector was the engine of development of a country.

He said he had already prepared a programme under which teachers would be trained to meet international standards in addition to increasing their pay package.

The CUF leader also said his government would fight drug trafficking head on as the vice had destroyed the culture of Zanzibaris.

“I am not interested in stating the time-frame for implementing all these plans but you will judge by yourself after five years,” Hamad said, adding: “We want all these issues to be history.”

He, however, said that all the issues contained in party’s election manifesto would be effectively implemented if people became accountable, ensured proper supervision of government revenue collections and undertaking vital review of economic policies especially on tax rates between Zanzibar and Tanzania Mainland.

ZEC Chairman, Khatib Mwinyichande called on political parties which will participate in the elections to conduct themselves peacefully.

He said the electoral body had the responsibility of protecting the rights of each candidate and called on the contestants to abide by the Commission’s guidelines including returning the nomination forms on time.

Earlier, the presidential candidate for Association of Farmers Party, Said Soud also collected the nomination forms promising to change the system of government of national unity and instead, form an inclusive government which will represent all political parties.

 Source: The Guardian

Zanzibar in constitutional amendment meet on Monday

In Politics on August 9, 2010 at 12:04 pm

The historic handshake and meeting between President Amani Karume and Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad at the State House on 5 November, 2009 that brought political harmony and reconciliation and ushered a new era of rebuilding the ancient state of Zanzibar.

By Issa Yussuf in Zanzibar

9 August 2010

AN extra-ordinary session of the Zanzibar House of Representatives starts here on Monday to amend the constitution that will pave way for the formation of Government of National Unity (GNU) after the October general elections.

The House Clerk, Mr Ibrahim Mzee said here over the weekend that Reps would discuss and approve a new clause in the constitution that stipulates; “Zanzibar is one of the two countries that form the United Republic of Tanzania.

He added that Section 1 and 2 of the Zanzibar Constitution, which has been identifying Zanzibar as “part of the United Republic of Tanzania,” will be deleted.

The GNU also aims to increase the number of women special seats from the current 30 per cent to 40 per cent.

In the proposed constitutional amendment, there is also a new clause that empowers Zanzibar President to divide Zanzibar into new regions, districts or any administrative areas, according to guidelines set by the House of Representatives. Currently, only the Union President is vested with powers to divide any part of the Island in consultation with the Zanzibar President.

It is also proposed that the position of “Chief Minister be deleted in section 33 of the Zanzibar Constitution and replaced by Second Vice- President who will be a leader of the government business in the House of Representatives and take over as a President in case the sitting President fails to continue with duties due to any reason including death.”

The President, who will come from the winning party, will have to appoint two Vice- Presidents within seven days after taking oath of office. While the First Vice- President will not be required to be an elected member of the House, the second Vice- President must be an elected member of the House of Representatives from the wining party. After 14 days in office, the President will be supposed to form a cabinet based on proportional representation in consultation with both Vice- Presidents (VPs).

Under the new arrangement, the President remains with absolute powers in decision making in the government including appointment of Principal Secretaries “and both vice-presidents will be answerable to the President.”

The GNU follows a long process that was made possible through a referendum held on July 31, this year, following political reconciliation which was initiated last November by President Amani Abeid Karume and the Civic United Front (CUF) Secretary General, Mr Seif Sharif Hamad, in efforts to bury political conflicts which emerges in every general election. The referendum was approved on 66.4 per cent mark in favour of GNU.

Source: Daily News

CUF nominate 220 Bunge candidates, invites CCM losers

In Politics on August 9, 2010 at 11:56 am

Symbol of Hope: The flag of the leading opposition party in Tanzania.

By Bilham Kimati

7 August 2010

THE Civic United Front (CUF) has said it has nominated 120 candidates from the Mainland and 50 from the Isles to vie for Union parliamentary seats. The party has also nominated 50 others from Unguja and Pemba to contest seats in the Zanzibar House of Representatives.

Announcing CUF candidates for both parliamentary and House of Representative seats, the national chairman, Prof Ibrahim Lipumba said in Dar es Salaam yesterday that his party has invited CCM members who lost in the just concluded election primaries wishing to join the opposition, warning that there would be no automatic nomination of the new comers aspiring for various leadership positions in CUF.

“We have identified our candidates for the parliamentary seats and for Zanzibar representatives. This does not mean that our ‘gates’ are closed, neither does it imply that CCM defectors will be guaranteed nomination without undergoing rigorous procedures, according to the party’s constitution,” Prof Lipumba explained.

He said the party has a well co-ordinated system of administration and power succession system which is clearly stipulated in its constitution. Leadership committees functioning at different levels are entrusted with the duty to assess the credibility of people seeking leadership position. “New comers from CCM and other parties will have to abide by the party’s constitution. Whenever the need arises to nominate a new comer, the process will have to be preceded by consultation meetings and the consent of the previous nominee,” he explained.

Flanked by CUF secretary general who is also the party’s presidential candidate for Zanzibar, Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad and other party leaders, the national chairman underlined the need for a free National Electoral Commission (NEC).

“We (the opposition) have been complaining after every election that our votes were stolen but CCM used to laugh at us. This time the malady has befallen them. We hope the situation will offer the opportunity to the ruling party to address the problem of corruption in elections more squarely under a free electoral commission,” Prof Lipumba said.

He alleged that it was obvious that a range of tricks were employed through manipulated voters’ register such that actual winners were denied victory and losers declared the winners. “We will make sure that this time we have reliable agents to verify votes count in every polling station.

He claimed that he cherished alliance among the opposition parties, saying it was the best approach to challenge the ruling party more strongly, but insisted that he (Prof Lipumba) was the best candidate for the union president with a vision for change. He wished Dr Willibrod Slaa, the presidential candidate on Chadema ticket, all the best in his bid for union presidency, saying that his contribution to build a strong opposition in the National Assembly in co-operation with fellow opposition party members was undeniable.

The party has nominated 50 candidates for House of Representatives to march the total number of constituencies in Unguja and Pemba, as well as 50 others to vie for the National Assembly during the elections slated for October 31, this year. As for the party’s special seats aspirants, Prof Lipumba briefly said their nomination would have to wait until after the elections.

As for Tanzania mainland, CUF has announced 120 candidates for the parliamentary seat and more candidates for other constituencies will be made public later. The party will have to nominate more than 200, in addition to the list to match the number of constituencies available.

Source: Sunday News