Lipumba vows to strengthen agriculture, improve markets

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CUF Union Presidential Candidate, Prof. Ibrahim Lipumba, articulating the party's Vision for Change during a meeting with the Editors' Forum held at the CUF headquarters in Dar es Salaam.

Saturday, 25 September 2010 22:45

By Frank Kimboy


The Civic United Front (CUF) presidential hopeful Prof Ibrahim Lipumba will strengthen markets for agricultural produce and train more experts as a way to improve agriculture in the country, if he will be elected to form a new government.

Prof Lipumba said that the agricultural sector under the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) regime has stalled because the government has failed to tackle major challenges that face the sector, which is depended by the majority of wananchi.

He mentioned other challenges that hinder agricultural sector apart from lack of market and experts as lack of modern farming technology, farming equipment and poor infrastructure.

“We will make sure that farmers are imparted with modern skills by experts who will be supervising the activities throughout the country.

He said although farmers in some parts of the country produce a lot of crops, they have been hindered by lack of local market.

He said that if he will be elected into the country’s top office, he would make sure that enough funds will be set to purchase agricultural products.

Mr Lipumba made the promise on Friday evening at Maramba in Mkinga District during his second day of campaigns in Tanga Region.

He accused the current government for changing names of development projects, describing them as’ putting an old wine in a new bottle’.

“We had the Iringa Declaration and then agriculture was declared the countries backbone something that did not bear any fruit before Kilimo Kwanza  was introduced…you should elect CUF if you want to benefit from your work,” Prof Lipumba said.

Prof Lipumba who was campaigning for Mkinga constituency Member of Parliament candidate Mr Kassim Mbega and twelve councillor seat candidates promised wananchi that if elected they will ensure that construction of the district headquarters will be completed within a short period of time.  

Currently, the district headquarters is located in Tanga District.


Source: The Citizen


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