Seif: Why only I should lead Zanzibar

In Politics on September 25, 2010 at 3:05 am

CUF's Zanzibar presidential candidate, Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad, addresses his first campaign rally at Democracy Grounds in Zanzibar on 16 September, 2010. (Photo: Courtesy of Martin Kabemba)

Friday, 17 September 2010 09:19

by Mkinga Mkinga, Zanzibar


The Civic United Front (CUF) yesterday launched their presidential campaigns with the contender saying that if elected, he would ensure he takes advantage of the recent CUF-CCM compromise to facilitate faster progress for Zanzibar.

“Do elect me your president and when you do, I will proceed to capitalise on CCM-CUF compromise spearheaded by President Karume and I to expedite development,” said the CUF presidential candidate for Zanzibar presidency, Mr Seif Sharif Hamad.

The reconciliation became possible following a surprise invitation to Zanzibar State House in November last year, of the CUF secretary general, Mr Hamad, by President Amani Abeid Karume

The campaigns launch at Demokrasia grounds was preceded by a demonstration from the town centre, led by Mr Hamad, who, upon reaching the rally venue, released three doves to signify peace.

The candidate told thousands of chanting supporters that the recent political developments in Zanzibar should be used to ushers in a new dawn for the Isles.

“It is now time to unite after years of disunity; if we join efforts, I am confident we’ll prosper and be an example to other African country,” Mr Hamad said.

He said what Zanzibar needed was a president who would adhere to the agreement reached by  Mr Karume and him.

Mr Hamad, who spoke for about two hours, pledged to boost the economy.

He said within 100 days of his presidency, he would make sure that land problems are solved, and a new system would be put in place to end land grabbing.

He said his government would see to it that investors sign agreements with landowners, a process that would enable  wananchi become partners to economic ventures in the Isles.

“We shall evaluate the type and cost of investment to establish what percentage a landlord should be entitled,” Mr Hamad said.

On education, he said his government would ensure it is improved and computer studies are introduced from primary school level.

He said more teachers would be recruited to reduce the teacher-student ratio.

“We have a good example of Rwanda, which has managed to supply laptops to all the pupils. All these issues can be accomplished by involving international agencies,” he said.

Explaining on how to attain quality education, he his government would make sure that number of students per class is limited to 35.

He conceded that President Karume has done a lot in improving the education sector. “I will continue from where he reached,” he promised.

The CUF candidate also promised to review salaries and benefits of civil servants, so that pay reflects the cost of living.

Speaking earlier, CUF deputy national chairman, Mr Machamo Hamis Ali, hailed the move by Mr Hamad and Presisdent Karume, to meet and agree to forgo their differences for the interest of Zanzibaris.

“We have every reason to hail both leaders, Maalim Seif and President Karume, for their commitment to bring about a news dawn for Zanzibar… it is now evident that power sharing is the ideal solution for ending Zanzibar problems,” he said.


Source: The Citizen



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