Young leaders attribute US achievements to patriotism

In Politics on August 18, 2010 at 9:46 pm

Mr Masoud Salim Mohamed, the Chairman of Zanzibar Youth Network, one of the three Tanzanian young leaders, who represented the country’s youth to US under President Barack Obama’s Forum for Young African Leaders pose for a photo at the State Department (Photo: Courtesy of Masoud Salim Mohamed)

Wednesday, 18 August 2010 09:05

By Florence Mugarula

TANZANIANS have a chance of inspiring their fellow Africans to work in harmony and bring about political and social-economic development in the countries, Tanzanian young leaders have observed.

A delegation of three Tanzanian youths to United States, Mr Masoud Mohamed, Ms Malula Nkanyemka and Ms Lilian Mahiga, said Americans believed Tanzania was strong enough to encourage other nations to forge development in their countries.

The trio was among other young leaders from across Africa, who recently visited the US under the auspices of President Barrack Obama’s Forum for Young African Leaders.

Ms Mahiga, said one of the lessons she learnt from President Obama during the mission was that the development of Tanzania and the continent at large was in the hands of wananchi themselves.

Ms Mahiga, who is the Professional Approach Limited, Inc, managing director, said another lesson she and others learnt during the tour was that patriotism and hardworking were the main US development pillars.

She said Africans, Tanzanians included, should emulate the people of America for their countries’ and own integrity and prosperity.

“It’s high time African youth united to bring about constructive changes required on the continent. No other person will forge development on their behalf,” Ms Mahiga stressed.

Mr Mohamed, the chairman of Zanzibar Youth Network, was optimistic that the forum was important for Tanzania’s future, as it enabled him to exchange notes with dynamic young leaders from all over Africa.

“Being today’s and future leaders, we should participate in all programmes to expedite our country’s development,” Mr Mohamed said.

He said the forum had inspired him to become ready, passionate and courageous enough to take part in different political and socio-economic issues pertaining to his country and Africa.

“The forum was all about thinking about the future of my continent. I have successfully understood how to share ideas for relieving Africa of abject poverty. I believe my dream is similar to my fellow citizens’ ambitions,” he said.

Another young leader, Ms Malula Nkademka, who serves as a project development advisor in Mwanza Region, said she obtained a strong network and know-how on finding lasting solutions for socio-economic problems inflicting on communities.

“I have already started proposing some projects for the development of the country as a result of  the entrepreneurial and other development programmes I participated in US,” Ms Nkademka said.

She said her projects in the offing would concentrate on advocacy for gender balance and women’s rights with a view of bringing about constructive changes to both genders.

The USA ambassador to Tanzania, Mr Alfonso Lenhardt, said while welcoming the young leaders’ delegation from the US tour that he expected the youth benefited from the forum.

The envoy said the forum came at the right time when Tanzanians were banking on youth to bring about the much-awaited tangible development.

“There are many brilliant young Tanzanians, who could have gone to US, but the trio has represented others. We, therefore, expect them to tell us what exactly they want to do for their country,” ambassador Lenhardt said.

Source: The Citizen



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