Chadema leaders in Tarime move to CUF

In Politics on August 17, 2010 at 11:24 pm

The immediate former MP for Tarime, Charles Mwera is welcomed by the CUF Union Presidential Candidate running mate, Juma Duni Haji, soon after announcing his defection to CUF from Chadema (Photo: Courtesy of


By DAILY NEWS Reporter

13th August 2010


Political wind has hit hard Chadema in Tarime District, Mara Region where hundreds of its members returned their membership cards in protest of what has been described as prejudice. 

Speaking on behalf of others, the former Chadema District Secretary, Mr Joseph Anthony said the party supporters decided to join the Civic United Front  (CUF)  as the best way to express their grievances.  

“We (former Chadema members) are terribly disappointed by the higher party authorities that have decided to nominate wrong candidates for parliamentary and councillorship seats. We are not ready to work with leaders imposed on us,” Joseph explained.  

Other party leaders in the district who defected to CUF include the party’s district chairman, Mr Stephen Gesengewa (Sanifu), personal secretary to the former legislator, Mr Charles Mwera, the district youth chairman, Mr Jumanne  Mroni, the youth commander, Waiboga Waryoba and others.  

The fact that the former legislator for Tarime Mr Charles Mwera was not nominated in the party’s preferential votes, was also expected to join the CUF and vie for the seat through CUF.  

According to CUF district secretary, Ms Theresia Mkami and the party’s district chairman, Mr Charles Nyamuriba, more than 200 former Chadema members joined CUF.  She said for the last three weeks CUF had received nearly 600 new party members from other parties in the area.  

“Any moment from now we expect to receive Mr Charles Mwera, the former legislator on the ticket of Chadema,” Theresia revealed.


Source: Daily News



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