CUF nominate 220 Bunge candidates, invites CCM losers

In Politics on August 9, 2010 at 11:56 am

Symbol of Hope: The flag of the leading opposition party in Tanzania.

By Bilham Kimati

7 August 2010

THE Civic United Front (CUF) has said it has nominated 120 candidates from the Mainland and 50 from the Isles to vie for Union parliamentary seats. The party has also nominated 50 others from Unguja and Pemba to contest seats in the Zanzibar House of Representatives.

Announcing CUF candidates for both parliamentary and House of Representative seats, the national chairman, Prof Ibrahim Lipumba said in Dar es Salaam yesterday that his party has invited CCM members who lost in the just concluded election primaries wishing to join the opposition, warning that there would be no automatic nomination of the new comers aspiring for various leadership positions in CUF.

“We have identified our candidates for the parliamentary seats and for Zanzibar representatives. This does not mean that our ‘gates’ are closed, neither does it imply that CCM defectors will be guaranteed nomination without undergoing rigorous procedures, according to the party’s constitution,” Prof Lipumba explained.

He said the party has a well co-ordinated system of administration and power succession system which is clearly stipulated in its constitution. Leadership committees functioning at different levels are entrusted with the duty to assess the credibility of people seeking leadership position. “New comers from CCM and other parties will have to abide by the party’s constitution. Whenever the need arises to nominate a new comer, the process will have to be preceded by consultation meetings and the consent of the previous nominee,” he explained.

Flanked by CUF secretary general who is also the party’s presidential candidate for Zanzibar, Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad and other party leaders, the national chairman underlined the need for a free National Electoral Commission (NEC).

“We (the opposition) have been complaining after every election that our votes were stolen but CCM used to laugh at us. This time the malady has befallen them. We hope the situation will offer the opportunity to the ruling party to address the problem of corruption in elections more squarely under a free electoral commission,” Prof Lipumba said.

He alleged that it was obvious that a range of tricks were employed through manipulated voters’ register such that actual winners were denied victory and losers declared the winners. “We will make sure that this time we have reliable agents to verify votes count in every polling station.

He claimed that he cherished alliance among the opposition parties, saying it was the best approach to challenge the ruling party more strongly, but insisted that he (Prof Lipumba) was the best candidate for the union president with a vision for change. He wished Dr Willibrod Slaa, the presidential candidate on Chadema ticket, all the best in his bid for union presidency, saying that his contribution to build a strong opposition in the National Assembly in co-operation with fellow opposition party members was undeniable.

The party has nominated 50 candidates for House of Representatives to march the total number of constituencies in Unguja and Pemba, as well as 50 others to vie for the National Assembly during the elections slated for October 31, this year. As for the party’s special seats aspirants, Prof Lipumba briefly said their nomination would have to wait until after the elections.

As for Tanzania mainland, CUF has announced 120 candidates for the parliamentary seat and more candidates for other constituencies will be made public later. The party will have to nominate more than 200, in addition to the list to match the number of constituencies available.

Source: Sunday News



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