Lipumba promises to beat poverty

In Politics on August 7, 2010 at 5:17 pm


5th August 2010

By Rose Athumani

CUF Presidential candidate Prof Ibrahim Lipumba has defended his decision to run for the Union president for the fourth time, stressing that he is the right person to lead the country out of poverty. 

Prof Lipumba, who is a former economics lecturer with the University of Dar es Salaam, promised to steer the nation to prosperity by establishing a strong economic base, create jobs and ensure the country’s wealth trickles down to the common man, if elected president on October 31.  

He also pledged amendment of the constitution to allow individual candidates to run for various posts including the president of Zanzibar and the United Republic of Tanzania.  

Addressing a news conference at the CUF head office in Dar es Salaam after collecting nomination forms from the National Electoral Commission (NEC) on Thursday, Prof Lipumba said his government would promote good governance and the rule of law.  

“I will be the first Tanzanian to receive the Mo Ibrahim Award,” he told journalists.  

The Mo Ibrahim award is awarded to African leaders who have demonstrated good governance, where the winner also receives 5 million US dollars as well as a bonus worth 200,000 dollars every year for life.  

The CUF presidential candidate noted that his party’s new strategy ‘Vision of change’ which will be the party’s manifesto, will ensure Tanzanians benefit from the abundant resources available by investing in coal, sun, gas and water to produce sustainable electricity.  

“We have a lot of natural resources that can be used to produce sustainable electricity in the country, which we will make use of, once I am elected into office,” Prof Lipumba said.   

He noted that since the 2005 elections food prices have been soaring, adding that a kilo of sugar that was sold at 500/-, it is now going at 1,800/- and in the villages it was being sold at 2,000/-, while Kyela rice which was sold at 450/- a kilo is now going at 1,700/- and maize flour which was at 250/- a kilo is now going at 900/-.  

“Our vision of change among other development issues, will ensure the public especially those in rural areas are assured of three meals a day as opposed to what is the case right now, where they are forced to fast,” Prof Lipumba noted.  

He said  his government would invest in education, ensuring that science and mathematics subjects are given priority, noting that teachers’ salaries and teaching environment was also going to be improved.  Prof Lipumba stated that his government would bring technology to schools by working with the international community and ensure all students in the country receive laptops.

“We will improve technology in the country to make teaching easier. The world has a plan that every student gets a laptop, together with the international community, we will ensure every student receives a laptop,” he stressed.  

Basic health for all is also in his vision of change noting that if elected the public, especially those in rural areas will easily access basic health facilities, which would in turn ensure pregnant mothers give birth with the assistance of qualified health attendants.  

The CUF presidential aspirant noted that by increasing tax on unprocessed cashew nuts to 15 per cent in this financial year, the farmers will receive low prices for the cashew nuts.  

“This will force the buyer to give the farmer lower prices to cover up for the 15 per cent tax, which does not help alleviate poverty to that particular farmer,” Prof Lipumba explained.   

He noted that his government would ensure that there are more industries in the country that will generate new jobs as opposed to the current situation.  

“Tanzania is among least developed countries with very few industries. Since independence todate, the industrial sector has provided employment to only 92,000 people, while we have so many jobless people,” he added.


Source: The Daily News


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