The Candidacy of Dr. Shein and What It Means For the Future of Zanzibar

In Politics on July 11, 2010 at 3:54 pm

In today’s The Guardian on Sunday the front page storis about Dr. Shein. This is what they say:

While others have struggled hard, including investing billions of shillings just to sit on the ‘throne’ – the ascendancy on the ladder of high political office has been pretty smooth for Dr Shein, an academician-turned-politician.

According to party insiders, Dr Shein, a man dubbed ‘Mr Clean’ due to his being untainted by vices like corruption and power mongering, was chosen because he is perceived as a man who can unite the recovering Zanzibar, which has been haunted by the politics of divisions since the 1995 multiparty election.

  1. he is really a politician.. gud lukkkk dr shein

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